Japan – Diversity Photography Part 2.


Welcome to my 2nd part of my Photography trip to Japan.

The people of Japan I have seen are all affected by the earthquake in some way. There is concern for friends and relatives who live in east Japan and at the present time over 300,000 people are homeless and 20,000 people are missing. The future with possible radiation leaks from the nuclear reactor and how that may affect the food chain and people’s health and about the rebuilding of infrastructure. The photographs I have taken show people getting on with their lives, and show some of the many shrines and temples in Harajuka where people go for spiritual help and to draw deep on the traditions of the past which give help and guidance in daily lives.

Harajuka is also the place where young people meet and its one of the most affordable places to get the latest trends.

Someone just got married, and I took a quick photo of them organizing themselves for a formal family portrait.

Harajuka, the most fashionable place with trends shopping and young people

Leica M6 & Contax645

  Fuji 400h & Porta 400

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