Driven by the passion for my work, I always want to bring out the best of the images I capture and get more people to appreciate my job. Photography has been part of my day to day life for over twenty years and each day has been a learning experience. I have developed a specialty in both color, and black and white photography and my area of specialisation have been in the photography of transgender individuals. These are populations that are surrounded by a lot of judgment, and negative stereotypes and my work have been of great significance in breaking these stereotypes and negative views towards them. I have showcased my work in many places, and my most memorable are London and Miami.

Photography is fascinating, and I always want to discover more things about it. There exist enormous books and materials on photography, and most of these provide guidance and provide great help by pointing out things that can be incorporated into the work of a photographer. It is for this reason that I have much interest in photography theory and the cameras analogue. Moreover, I have tremendous interest in photo essays, which is simply a series of photographs created to elicit an emotional reaction from viewers. I always want to bring out images in deeper emotional stages, based purely on photographic work.

My keen interest in photography has my major driving force in pursuing a career in photography. Having acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Photography, I now look forward to undertaking M.A in photography soon. Technology is evolving, and changes in the photography field are evident. However, I believe with advancement in education; I will be able to keep up with the changes and remain relevant. I always dream of having my work to stand out and the society, nature and more so the controversial aspects of human nature continue to inspire my job.


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