Jackie 50th Birthday ~ “Titanic Themes”


I promised myself this year that I was going to be better at blogging, and few months later.. and I think I actually got worse. The worst part about that, is that I don’t think my clients/friends understand what a gift and honour it is to photograph them because well… I never tell them.

Jackie found me at the deaf demo show after so many years apart … and sort of booked me like two months in advance and be a guest too!  It went so fast, and over the course of those two months, we became friends again! That is my favourite part of doing this.. when long lost friends become my friends. They had.. a GREAT day, and it is because of couples like Jackie and Manu, that I keep doing this …

Also guys.. Happy day!  ugh I can’t believe I waited so long to post this!

Contax 645  f2  Porta 400



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