Tasha – The Model


This is Tasha. I met her through the always-so-lovely, mum, Sharon. She is very sweet, and a beautiful person! I lucked out with her patience, because as ready and stoked as I was for this shoot, when we arrived my mind seemed to draw a blank. I didn’t scout out the location before hand, like I absolutely should have. The overcast never lifted, and I didn’t bring any lighting with me. The weather all week had started out just like this day had, cloudy and quite chilly, but by the early afternoon the overcast would lift and the sun would be bright and gorgeous as ever! Not this day, the one day I had anticipated the weather to cooperate. I should have known. Overcast is actually great for outdoor shoots because the sun is a very harsh lighting source – just not what I had wanted this particular day!  Also, I had just gotten done doing my very first photo book for my last project at the Uni. Editing and designing the book wasn’t terribly difficult for me, as I stated earlier last month, It did take a lot out of me though, mentally, and I can’t say I prepared for that! I had to turn from one designing the book immediately into another. I am so grateful I got to grab a nice coffee from her Mum, and chill out for about an hour while Tasha did the makeup! It was a nice opportunity to recharge. 

Another praise to my model due to my patience.. She had to stand in a tree and shadow at the slightness cold for about some hours, and the coolness despite she was very wary about the horse standing behind her!  Brava.. and so much appreciation to you, Tasha and her mum! 

I was experimenting with my Ektar roll film 100 to find if it work on her because of her colour of skin and to compare with other films like Portra and Fuji, its worked out well and was well pleased with it. I will know what to expect next time but still learning as usual!  


Contax 645  & Canon EOS 1n  f2  

Portra 400 Fuji 400H & Ektar 100 

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